About us

We are a kindergarten in Nou Barris

The Magnolia Kindergarten arises with the desire and great enthusiasm to create a kindergarten based on comprehensive education and care for boys and girls from 4 months to 5 years.

Quienes Somos Magnolia

Founded by Conchita Pericó and currently directed by her daughter Marta Camí, it is the result of a long pedagogical experience that began in 1964 and that has allowed the creation of an active, current school with great pedagogical quality and educational project.

Thus, during these more than 50 years, we have educated and trained boys and girls in their first years of life, seeking to educate in values and always following the BASIC FEATURES of our EDUCATIONAL PROJECT.

Why should you trust Magnolia Kindergarten?

Proyecto educativo

Educational project

Learning through:

  • Games and stories
  • Experimentation and manipulation
  • Emotions and feelings
Equipo docente

Teaching team

We have a team that ensures the child’s physical and emotional well-being. Our entire team is trained with the latest trends in early childhood education and are completely at the forefront of teaching.

Cocina ecológica

Ecological Cooking

Own kitchen and menus supervised by the school’s pediatric and nutritionist team. Our kitchen has a completely professional team with extensive experience in the culinary sector. Don’t worry about feeding your children

50th anniversary of Magnolia Kindergarten

Escola Magnòlia

Digital Kit Program – Co-financed by the Next Generation (EU) funds of the recovery and resilience mechanism

Financiado por la UE

With the support of the Department of Education:

Generalitat de Catalunya

With the collaboration of the Barcelona Council:

Diputació Barcelona

Magnolia is a center attached to:

Associació Catalana de Llars d'Infants